We are Trevinca
We are Nature



Trevinca is an environmental engineering company specialising in consulting, integrated land management and the development of engineering and research and development projects. It also specialises in providing a variety of services aimed at the improvement and development of the natural environment and urban landscape.

Since beginning activity, we have developed various types of projects related to organisation and planning and environmental adaptation.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of engineers and other qualified personnel from different environmental-related disciplines including: agronomy, forestry, architecture and environmental and veterinary science. Our team provides and manages customised solutions which are always backed up by the latest technology and training.

We use the most recent technologies, allowing us to offer: precision engineering for every situation, the use of the latest generation SIG and GPS, MYFOREST precision forestry, AutoCAD design and detailed budgets.

We also participate in diverse research and development projects. These serve as a foundation for our growth and technical development. We also have a stake in new renewable energy technologies (biomass, photovoltaic, etc.). This allows us to assist you in better and more efficiently managing your property.

Our strategy is a simple one based on technical competence, quality, speed and customised treatment.

We engineer relevant solutions which can be directed to different types of clients. These include both private and public entities.



We offer a commitment to quality and sustainable management as part of the range services we provide in the environmental, agro-forestry, urban landscaping, renewable energy and research and development sectors.