You needn't worry about anything.

Technical and administrative assistance.

We handle everything from the application and processing of permits to the preparation and drafting of technical documentation.

Application and management of agricultural and forestry subsidies.

Integrated monitoring of administrative and technical procedures and the processing of all types of subsidies and grants.

Development and marketing of agro-forestry products.

We manage the exploitation of all types of agro-forestry products. This includes management of everything from permit applications to the commercialization process for cork, biomass, resin, pineapple, chestnut ...


The quality of a project starts in the office.

The write up of projects.

Our multidisciplinary nature allows us to undertake any type of project, such as the restoration of rural buildings, the design and development of parks and the creation of irrigation systems.

Environmental studies.

We perform all kinds of environmental studies including: impact assessments, fire-fighting plans, feasibility studies and integrated water resource studies...

Optional private management and technical support services for public and private works

The technical ability of our team allows us to take on all types of projects including: making enclosures, reforestation, rural road construction, landscape recovery, infrastructure development and clean up.


Innovation is one of the founding principles of Trevinca. We move ahead together.


We use the latest generation technology for GIS, GPS, and MYFOREST. In this way, we can offer precision engineering for spatial organisation and planning, property surveys, expert opinions ...

Research and Development

Research has become one of our growth engines. The development and management of various lines of research: MYFOREST, HORIZONTE 2020, COINVESTIGA .

Renewable energy.

Our commitment to the environment has led us to have a stake in renewable energy. This includes: energy audits, the design and construction of solar power installations and the integrated management of biomass.